Pronounced as ['kju'penz]

is Ceuppens Philippe, born and living in Dendermonde Belgium. He's a producer who is mainly into Oldschool Techno style's such as, New Beat, EBM, Rave and hardtrance and he has his own fullblown hardware studio.  No matter where you see him performing live, you’ll be able to see the people dancing to his Boomin' Belgian Beats with an energetic presence you can’t deny,... Hitting the public with the sounds they want to hear. Q'pnZ New beat Productions is the Performer that every retroparty needs! Looking to book him for your party or special event? Get in touch now!


Special edition single 30 years of New beat

Released via FenixFireRecords on 04/06/18

You can listen to the song below, and the EP is now available via all major digital platforms :







Below you find his Demo cd for sale previous single NOT included

it can be yours for € 11.10 / excluding shipping (streaming full cd below+2 downloads)

The shipping cost for Belgium is 3,90 Euro... so for 15,00 € you can have an exclusive vinyl look Q'pnz demo CD, don't hesitate ;)
For other countries shipping charges, send a pm via the booking button above and details will be given on how to obtain the demo cd. It is also possible to pay via bank transfer instead of paypal (send a pm)


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Recent Videos

Video: Remix Our Darkness

(Q'pnz Vs Anne Clark)

Video: Erotica Hypnotica

Copyright by Q'pnz 2016

Video: It's coming at you

Heavy EBM style - copyright Q'pnz 2016

Video: Relax your body...

(Remix Dr Felix)  by Q'pnz 2017

Video: some Live Acid Trance performance

Having some Fun in the studio

Video: Wardance Remake

Remake/Remix in progress from Euroshima Snowy Red

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New Beat Revival Now !

We would like to inform everybody who visits this site, that a Facebook group (+3800 members) was created where electronic musicians can contribute their "new" New beat. We have already more than thirty contributions and we would like to call upon other electronic musicians to start also producing the New'er beat. so that "Our Belgian Beat" can revive in 2017! So please join the page by clicking on the button below


Don't miss the Live Performances by Q'pnz

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The studio

How It All Began

My studio is situated in Dendermonde (Belgium) where I live. I started with my home studio about 20 years ago, but the interest in synthesizers/samplers/drum machines came at quite an early age. At the age of 7, I was learning to play the trumpet and wanted to find the right tones so I asked for a little toy synthesizer as birthday present. It was the Casio PT-1 and the rest is history.

It didn’t take long for the trumpet to come in second place and in no time I had a second toy keyboard, the Casio SK-5, which was a poor man’s sampler with 1.7 seconds of sampling time and 4 sample slots.

You cannot imagine the fun I had with these 2 “toy” keyboards as a child and I’ve made a lot of funny demo songs with them. I will keep them forever in my heart and they still are in my collection.

About 20 years ago I bought a Roland W-30 workstation as a first production tool, it’s a comprehensive package combining sequencer, keyboard controller and a 12-bit sampler (up to 14.4 seconds at a 30 khz sampling frequency or 28.8 seconds at 15 khz).

That moment was actually the start of a collaboration project with a friend, who was blown away from the W-30 and he decided to buy the same sampler keyboard. In the meantime, I was saving some money to buy a Roland MC-505 Groovebox, with lots of dance sounds, beats and effects., which I own now for almost 17 years. I hooked it all up to my computer and learned everything, by trial and error, about MIDI, which was necessary to use the full midi implementation that came with the 505.

Since then I’m busy expanding my equipment, recently Roland came out with the Aira and boutique series and these were so appealing to me that I’ve bought most of the Aira and boutique series, they are very ‘live performance’ oriented and I always enjoy playing and tweaking them.

So for the moment I'm working on some demo songs, you can see some live tryout videos here further on this page and also on my youtube and facebook page. In december 2016 a song from myself was featured on the "Fashion Victims" New Beat vinyl EP (released by FenixFireRecords).

I'm also looking for collaboration with all sorts of musicians so PM if you are interested! To know more about the studio continue reading my interview with the electronic music magazine Musictech here:  http://www.musictech.net/2017/09/ceuppens-philippe-interview/



Are you looking for a live professional Dancemusic performance (being a dj set or live gig) or you want a recording/collaboration session at his studio? Q'pnz Productions is able to deliver quality Live performances and mixes to bring a crowd to it's feet. Get in touch to learn more about the possibilities that makes "Q'pnZ Productions" stand out, and find out what WE can do for YOUR musical needs!


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In the Media

The Rebirth of New beat


My studio interview for Musictech magazine

25 september 2017

We’re in Belgium today where we chat with Ceuppens Philippe (Q’pnz) about his early love of synths and the unbelievable collection he possesses today…


18 oktober 2017

Start ‘The second Wave of Belgian New Beat’ in Dendermonde? Het zou wel eens kunnen dankzij Philippe Q’Pnz Ceuppens. Vanuit zijn muziekstudio in Sint-Gillis werkt deze Dendermondenaar met eigenzinnige covers van bekende nummers en een eigen muziek mee aan een revival van de new beat, of “new’er beat” zoals hij het zelf liever noemt...


De wederopstanding van de New Beat - Dark entries News

21 oktober 2016

Muzikale creativiteit in Belgenland is altijd al grenzeloos geweest, met pioniers in allerhande genres. Zonder het zelf te beseffen vond bijvoorbeeld een Front 242 eigenhandig de Electronic Body Music uit, elektronica die nu nog steeds zijn opvolging kent....


New Beat is helemaal terug - Gazet Van Antwerpen

12 oktober 2016

DEURNE - New beat is helemaal terug. Of dat is toch de ambitie van Deurnenaar Willem Voet. Hij richtte een nieuw platenlabel op, FenixFireRecords, waarmee hij het iconische muziekgenre van eigen bodem nieuw leven wil inblazen.
Willem Voet uit Deurne heeft een passie voor muziek. Vanaf zijn twaalf jaar is hij actief platen beginnen kopen en verzamelen. “Enkel de juiste platen”, zegt Willem Voet. “Zoals Front ...

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